What’s the Meaning of it all: FEAR

“ Words can be meaningless. If they are used in such a way that no sharp conclusions can be drawn”

Richard P. Feynman

Fear is something that often plagues me when it comes to entrepreneurship. The fear of starting, the fear of failing, the fear of succeeding and the fear of how people will perceive me, just list of a few. Getting over these fears is easier said than done. As people, we often say and/or embody things that we don’t even know the real meaning of. I think that to overcome something, you first have to understand it.


It can also mean:

  • A feeling of  anxiety concerning the outcome of something.
  • The likelihood of something unwelcome happening. 
  • Fear is the only thing in your way from achieving your goals.                          ( As defined by Urban Dictionary)

For years now I have been letting FEAR control me. I often worry about things that I can not control. It often causes me to put limits on myself. Over the years, I have asked myself “ Who Am I To Do This?” “Why Would Anyone Listen To Me?” “I Don’t Have What It Takes To Make This Happen?” Or I often find myself blaming it on the lack of time, money and resources. But is that at all true? Probably not.

These thoughts are all rooted in FEAR…the anticipation of unpleasant emotion. For me, my fear is often rooted in failure and perfectionism. But after meditating on these thoughts I have realized that these fears make no sense at all.

I can not limit my actions or my abilities because of the low likelihood that something unpleasant will happen. There is a greater or equal chance that great things could happen if I start going after the things that I want to accomplish. Has your Fear just become self-sabotage? Have you asked your self “ What Am I Really Afraid Of?” Or addressed your fear head-on?

In what ways has FEAR controlled your life? Are you letting fear limit you? In what ways will you overcome FEAR? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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